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Solar Inverters

The solar power inverter converts the direct current generated by the solar module into grid-acceptable alternating current, converting the DC power from the solar modules into usable AC power that you can use in your home sending any excess power back to your utility through the electric grid. Thus they form the heart of every solar energy system. Efficient, reliable, high efficiency power inverters form the heart of any PV system.

Solar Installation Pros uses only the top of the line inverters in our solar electric installations. Other installers are cutting corners and costs by recommending other lower quality inverters. We feel that the inverter is vital to the long term operation of your system, and we will only utilize inverters from SMA, Fronius, and Enphase.


Enphase Microinverters

Enphase microinverters are the go-to choice if you have partial shade on portions of the roof, or have multiple roof facings. Central inverters from are not configured to handle these situations well, and the energy production of a solar electric system can be compromised in these situations without using the Enphase inverters. Many customers choose Enphase even without shade issues, as the output of an Enphase system has been shown to outperform one with a central inverter by 5%-20%. The monitoring for the Enphase microinverter system is also superior to those of central inverters.

Our sales staff and engineering department can tell the other advantages that an Enphase system offers as well, and show when and where it would make sense for installing the Enphase microinverters system. Enphase Microinverters offers 15 year warranties on their M190 and M210 inverters, and now have just announced a 25 year warranty on their 4th generation M215 microinverter. Most other products out there are only warrantied to 5 or 10 years.

Enphase has just built and shipped its 1,000,000 microinverter. They are still gaining market share over central inverters! Earlier this year, Enphase introduced its third generation microinverter technology. But the introduction included more than basic product enhancements. The M215 microinverter comes with a 25-year warranty and free monitoring, offering unprecedented value to customers. Already, this new package is fueling red-hot demand in the microinverter market.

A recent study has concluded what we have been seeing all along, that systems with Enphase outperform central inverters, even when there is no shade or installation issues. Results from a field study have concluded that Enphase installations are outperforming PVWatts estimates by 8 percent on average, and by 15% on sites with less than 5% shade. A review of similar studies indicates that solar installations using central inverters actually underperform PVWatts estimates by 8 percent on average. We have installed many systems to date, and customers are extremely happy with the results!

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Enphase “Cycle of Quality”

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SMA Inverters

SMA Inverters range in size from 2kW to 8kW, and are the most common inverter installed in the residential market. SMA inverters are known for their solid construction, reliability, and efficiency. These are German engineered, and manufactured in the USA at their production facility in Denver, Colorado. SMA takes special pride in promoting renewable energy solutions at all levels, through education, information and support for the general public, solar installers as well as small and large businesses worldwide. SMA inverters carry a standard 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Fronius Inverters

Fronius is another large manufacturer of residential inverters. Fronius inverters also originated in Germany, and are very reliable and efficient. The Fronius inverters handle a wider range of combinations of solar modules, and are recommended for specific installations. Inverters from Fronius carry a standard 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.More info on Fronius Inverters

Solar Power Monitoring

All of our inverter choices have the option of installing system monitoring. This output can be viewed from inside your home on a small display, sent to your computer for remote viewing, or even displayed on your iPhone! You can see exactly what your system is producing, and how much money you are saving on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis.

Systems with Enphase microinverters are required to be installed with the Envoy Monitoring System, and can be viewed online using your computer. Enphase systems are able to display module by module output in real time so accurately that you can determine if a leaf falls on a module, thus blocking the sun and decreasing your potential production. Enphase systems can be configured to send you an email alert if a problem with the system is detected, so that prompt action can be taken to correct the issue. Enphase has recently announced free monitoring for the life of the solar electric system, with no annual fee.

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