Rancho Cordova - Santa Rosa

Solar Warranties

Solar Installation Pros, a division of Northwest Exteriors, only utilizes panels, inverters, and other equipment approved for use in California by the California Energy Commission. As such, equipment is required to be warranted for quality and workmanship for at least 10 years. This equipment is also required to be tested and certified to meet UL testing standards.

We have examined and selected what we feel are the best modules and inverters to offer our customers. We are proud to be an authorized Sunpower installer, an industry leader in making the most efficient solar modules in the world. Sunpower modules have a 25 year power production warranty. MAGE solar modules come with an industry leading 30 year power production guarantee. We also offer outstanding panels from REC solar, Canadian Solar, Sharp, and Yingli, all top tier manufacturers with 25 year power production warranties.

Northwest only utilizes inverter technology from Enphase, SolarEdge, SMA and Fronius. SMA and Fronius offer central inverters that convert the array DC power to AC power, and are the largest and most respected inverter manufacturers in the industry. SolarEdge uses the latest central inverter technology along with DC Power Optimizers under each panel to offer higher efficiencies than a traditional central inverter. All central inverters have a 10 year product warranty. Enphase micro inverters are quickly becoming the standard choice for residential and commercial installations, and have an industry leading 25 year product warranty coupled with enhanced power production over central inverters.