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Tax Credits and Rebates

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Federal and State Solar Rebates and Incentives

The Federal Government, the State of California, and other local governments are offering incredible financial incentives to encourage homeowners to switch to solar power for to meet their electric needs. These incentives dramatically lower the cost of a solar electric system, and can often make solar power even less expensive than purchasing electric from your utility company.

Federal Tax Credit For Solar Installation The exact rebates and incentives available are dependent on the electric utility that the customer is served by. Our solar energy consultants will let you know of all the local and utility rebates that you may qualify for. We will file and submit all paperwork to ensure that you receive the maximum allowed utility rebate allowed. We will also file and secure your net metering agreement with your electric utility to allow you to be credited with excess power produced by your system.

The 30% Federal Tax Credit is applied against the system cost after local rebates are received, and can be filed with your income taxes as a credit on the balance of the cost to install your solar electric system. This is an uncapped credit available for all systems installed up to 2016.

The California Utility rebate and other local rebates combined with the 30% Federal Tax Credit can dramatically lower the initial cost of purchasing a solar electric system for your home. After these incentives are applied, our customers have seen system paybacks in as little as 5 years based on lower electric bills. Your savings and payback on the system will be dependent on your specific situation including access to the sun, the type of system installed, and your utility rate structure.

Earning incentives for solar energy

  • Step ThreeApply for Rebates

    Solar Installation Pros will handle the CSI application process for your solar rebates

  • Step FourInstall Your System

    Install your solar energy system and connect to your utility power grid.

  • Step FiveClaim Your Incentive

    When your project is installed and operational you may submit the Incentive Claim Form.